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Don't have an account yet? Join here

Offer your cultural & creative services on lookforskill for free!!
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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Does it cost anything to use look for skill?

No, everything is free. To be a member and offer services does not cost anything. Visitors can without registration or cost browse the services offered by the members. Visitors can also for free post a Services Needed Ad.

How is look for skill financed?

The portal will be financed through sponsorship and partnership. We will not sell data about our users and we do not take commissions for provided services by the members.

Is look for skill involved in any business transactions?

No. Any business transaction/agreement between a visitor and a member is entirely a matter between them and has nothing to do with the operator of look for skill. We do not provide any guarantees in respect of the services offered by the members.

Who can be a member on look for skill?

The Site is for the time being open for members residing in the EU-/EEA-countries and Switzerland, i.e. the European countries that allow free movement of goods, capital, services and people among them. More countries may be included later on if there is an interest. Both people with and without a business/company - for example self-employed or hobbyists - can become members. Individuals must be over 18 years.

How do I become a member on look for skill?

Click on the Join button on the right top of the page. You will then receive the necessary information.

What does the membership include?

Read more about the membership here.

Can I end my membership?

A member can at any time during the membership choose to temporarily unpublish his/her public profile or completely terminate the membership and the publication of the profile.

Where do I find the Services Needed Ads?

You find the ads here.

Where do I post a Services Needed Ad?

You find the form for posting an ad here.

What does it cost to post a Services Needed Ad?

To post a Services Needed Ad is free and does not cost anything!

How long can a Services Needed Ad be published?

It is published for two months. It will then be automatically deleted, unless you deleted it earlier.

How do I create a secure password?

How do I log in?

You will find the Join button on the right top of the page.
You log in on look for skill by clicking the Log in button on the right top of the page. Enter your e-mail address and password to get access to your account.

What do I do if I have forgotten my Password?

Click on “Forgotten your password?” after clicking on Log In.

I have a new e-mail address. What should I do?

Enter the old e-mail address when you log in. Change to the new e-mail address on your Member Pages > Account.

What do I do if I suspect that an unauthorized person has accessed my account?

If for any reason you suspect that your account is used by an unauthorized person, you should promptly change your password and notify us here.

What can I do if legitimate mails from look for skill are marked as spam?

If our e-mails are being mislabelled as spam, you can prevent this by: