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Panagiotis Mamakos (Panos)

Wood carver, sculptor

Gothenburg, Sweden




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Traditional styles of wood carving and sculpture: historical or contemporary ornamentation, decor of interior/exterior and custom orders on any client's demand/vision.

Traditional styles of wood carving and sculpture: historical or contemporary ornamentation, decor of interior/exterior and custom orders on any client's demand/vision.

VISUAL & FINE ARTS - sculpture

All countries

Most kinds of handcrafted decoration and sculpture in mainly wood and other materials. Made by sharp gouges, hands, heart and mind.

Ornamentation on furniture, mirror/picture frames, heraldic symbols/family artifacts, restoration of old objects with historical (or emotional) value for i.e. museums, churches, public spaces or private.
Architectural details that can be casted to multiple copies, statues, figures and relief carvings.

Custom designs according to one's liking: A preview sketch is made, subsequent to discussion with the client and research, in order to eventually proceed to the manufacture of any desired product, regardless size or form.
I'm fascinated by historical style epochs such as Neoclassicism(Gustavian), Rococo and Baroque.

Member since 2021-12-16


About 5 years ago, I ended up in a wood carving school in a small town of Sweden, almost incidentaly. I felt tired of my work in constructions and life in Stockholm, so I felt in desperate need for a change. It was my girlfriend at the time, who asked me if I wanted her to apply to that education for me, since they didn't require students to speak Swedish fluently, so it was an easy way out. She knew I had a personal interest in traditional arts, crafts and tools, however it wasn´t something I, at that time was considering as a path.

Since joining the school, it took me merely a couple of days to realize that wood working was something that I could do for a lifetime, and so far it it has been the only job that makes me feel sad when I have to call it a day after 8 hours (or more) of carving. My teachers have been very inspiring as well.
Another aspect of this profession/craft that got me hooked was the fact that my autism could no longer be considered a disadvantage. On the contrary, the way my brain functions has acted as an advantage.

The atmosphere in a little woodcarving workshop, the meditative effect of sharpening old tools, the idea of sustainability when creating something which purpose is to stay with someone for a long time (and possibly pass on to further generations) and the effort to maintain old, classic styles of craftsmanship are the main reasons why I chose to do this.
I'm obsessed with beautiful, smooth lines. So, in every piece that I work on, I put a lot of effort into making all the lines and curves included in an ornament as aestheticaly pleasing as I know how. I try to mimic the organic lines of nature because they always make sense visually. Just like the line of a flower's stem, a leaf mid vain or the fibers of wood or stone for example.
I am particularly interested in staying faithful and historicaly correct to specific style epochs, such as Neoclassicism, Baroque and Rococco.
Last but not least, I've always been fascinated by observing and trying to depict human and animal anatomy, posture.
I consider this more as a craft than art.

¤ Since 2018, I have worked at Gunnebo slott, an open-air museum/mansion from the late 18th century, close to Gothenburg. There, I have carved and sculpted most of the decorative details in Gunnebo's orangery that has been re-built, according to the old drawings made by Carl-Wilhem Carlberg, the mansion's original architect.

Additionally, during my wood carving years, I have worked with several types of commissions such as parts of the exterior decoration of Gothenburg's central station, the restoration of old buildings and private custom orders, for example, fabrication of challenge prizes, store signs, family name crests, religious icons and public artwork projects as in a city square and a shopping mall.

¤ I have studied traditional wood carving in Tibros Hantverksakademi for 2 years with a focus in the neoclassical/gustavian, rococo styles.

¤ I participated in a 2 year educational program called Hantverkslärling, through Stiftelsen hantverk & utbildning in Leksand.

Journeyman's certificate in wood carving (Gesällbrev) 2021

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